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Cela's Weekly Insights - August 13, 2023
Cela's Weekly Insights - August 13, 2023
Market participants are worried that interest rates will remain higher for longer and that financial...
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Cela's Weekly Insights
Cela's Weekly Insights - August 06, 2023
This unusual development explains why the recession hasn't hit yet. Check it out here in today's newsletter
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Smiling businesswoman standing next to flip board in office
Seeking online financial advice? Identifying trustworthy Finfluencers - Financial Influencers - is your first step. Here are some tips
Why do young people fall for financial gurus? How do you recognize these "Fakefluencers"?
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What Triggers a Drop in Credit Ratings? The Factors You Need to Know
There are many reasons why a country's rating might go down. Here are some of them.
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The Downgrade Dance: How Fitch's Decision Impacts US Creditworthiness
Let's delve into the reasons why the rating agency Fitch downgraded the United States from AAA to AA+...
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Cela's Weekly Insights 30.07.2023
Cela's Weekly Insights - July 30, 2023
The Fed and ECB press on until something breaks; earnings season is well underway, surpassing analysts'...
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KW01-2021_Endrit-Cela_Stock Market starts off with a bang
Stock Market: 2021 starts off with a bang! | Capital Markets Quickie with Endrit Cela (01/2021)
It was one crazy ride last year on the stock market and even crazier outside the stock market. Well 2021...
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KW53-2020_Endrit-Cela_Top Flop 2020 Stocks
The Top/Flop Performing Stocks of 2020 | Capital Markets Quickie with Endrit Cela (53/2020)
The S&P 500 finished 2020 with a gain of more than 15%, the German Stock Index DAX also managed to finish...
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KW52-2020_Endrit-Cela_Das war das Jahr 2020
Das war das Jahr 2020 | Die Kapitalmärkte im Fokus – Wochenrückblick (52/2020)
Das Jahr 2020 wird als eines der bedeutendsten und unvorhersehbarsten Jahre unseres Lebens in die Geschichte...
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Weitere Liquiditätsspritzen sind auf dem Weg | Die Kapitalmärkte im Fokus – Wochenrückblick (51/2020)
Der US-Aktienmarkt hatte eine weitere Rekordwoche. Der Optimismus bezüglich des Konjunkturprogramms war...
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